Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Big Amazing God

God is a big amazing God. Let’s get that out there. I am a die hard God fan-girl. I’m also a geek. Perhaps I shall add a geek glossary from some of you. :) And… I love emoticons. So, you know those things about me, you can leave now if any of that is too much for you. ;)
                When I say God is a big amazing God, I mean that from personal experience. I have known God a long time, as long as I can remember, actually. I was raised in a Christian home, my grandpa preached, my dad preaches, and even my mom, my crazy, crazy mom is a pastor. When I say crazy I mean crazy, I could tell you stories, and I probably will, later, much later, when I have moved and she no longer has my address, I will tell you everything. But for now, you should know that I have loved her, hated her, loved her again and wished she would just vanish at times. It’s been a journey with her. And me, being perfect cannot fathom how jealous she must have been of my stellar personality and wise choices. Wisdom beyond my years. This is sarcasm. A lot of it.

My mom is crazy, but crazy in the best way. She is strong, very strong. One day, I hope I am more like her. She has helped me more than I can even begin to express and I appreciate her and understand her now that I am older. As time has gone on and on and on (insert age joke) I have come to consider her a friend. Someone I can depend and rely on . Maybe not to hel p me move, since she lives half-way across the states from me, but someone who will pray for me without ceasing. And THAT my friends, is not something everyone has. But, I do. And I am blessed for that mother who loves me so much that she stands in the gap between the world and me, holding God’s hand saying, “No, you can’t have her, she belongs to us.” It is many of those prayers that have saved me, time and time again. There is no Mother’s Day card big enough to say, “Thank You” for something like that.

Being raised in a Christian home will not make one a christian, but it does help. And the Word (Bible) is very clear. Proverbs 22:6 says that if you “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” (NLT) I can safely say that it has worked quite nicely for my siblings and me.  My parents weren’t perfect, but… one,  there is no mistake so big that God can’t fix it. And, two, They loved God with all their hearts.

When I was younger, five to be exact, so MUCH younger, I can remember my very first experience with God. I remember going to a small church in Lamar, OK where my grandpa would preach from time to time. It was such a tiny church and old, so old, you could feel the draft coming up from the old wood plank floors. I always wondered as a kid if one day we would just fall through. On the drive home one night, my grandpa and grandma were praying and praising God. My grandma was crying, my sister and I wanted to be like our grandparents so, we would put spit (yes, spit) under our eyes to make it look like we were crying too. This time, however, God surprised me, He touched my heart so that I actually did begin to cry. Not pretend to cry, but really felt His presence. I have never forgotten that moment. I often say that I serve God because it’s like He is part of my DNA, embedded so deeply that I don’t have choice. There is no way for me to remove Him and still be me. I am my happiest when I am walking the path that He has set aside for me. If you ever see me unhappy/angry probably a good assumption that I am NOT going the way God wanted me to go. Sometimes this is categorically untrue, but for me and my rebelliousness, it’s a pretty fair bet. So, if you’re in debt and need a good pay out, that one is pretty safe.  ;)

I hope you can tell from what you’ve read so far, that this writing is honest. It’s real and it will probably not be the best piece of literature you have ever read in your life, but it will be real and it will probably even be a little funny here and there.
That said, enjoy!

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